Adult Support


The Role of the Learning,  Support and Development Co-ordinator

  • Chairs the Adult Learning,  Support and Development committee
  • Represents the Committee on the County Executive
  • Represents Devon on the South West Region Adult Support Committee

Adult Support Teams

Adult Support is an important section of Devon's County Organisation and is made up of five teams. The Co-ordinators of each of the teams form the Adult Support and Development Committee. These teams are:

  • Programme
  • Adult Leadership Qualification
  • Trainers
  • Commissioners
  • Trainings and Events

The Role of the Leadership, Support and Development Committee

  • Supports Leaders by keeping them up to date with new programmes and new initiatives by means of training sessions; conference events and direct communication
  • Supports the Adult Leadership Qualification Co-ordinator and her team in the Administration of the Qualification and provides training for mentors
  • Supports and provides training oppportunities for Qualified Trainers and Prospective Trainers
  • Supports and provides training opportunities for Commissioners and Commissioner Mentors
  • The Committee is a forum for the advancement of Guiding Development within Devon; It forwards recommendations to the County Executive Committee

Useful Information

Spring & Autumn County Learning Opportunity Days

Devon has two full Days for training its Leaders. Current venue for the Autumn training is Kingsteignton and in the Spring the venue varies

Application forms for the Autumn Learning Opportunities Day 2014 (CLOUD) are in September Devon Star.


Basic Food Hygiene Courses are offered see Members' Pages - Training for e-mail details of who to contact for details.

Adviser's Specialist Sessions are occasionally offered.


Division and District Local Trainings

Trainers are available to go out into Division upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to know more about becoming a Trainer - where can I find this information?

Devon's Training Team consists of five South West Trainers, six Prospective Trainers and six Session Leaders. If you are interested in finding out how to become a Trainer contact:

How can we request a trainer to come and train in our Division?

Your Division Training Rep (or if you don't have one your Division Commissioner) can contact a trainer of your choice directly. Her contact details are in the County Directory. When your training is agreed with the trainer a completed application form is sent to the County Administrator who will return a training pack.

We have some suggestions for County Training Day Sessions, and some comments about the organisation of the day. Who do we contact?

Ask your Division Rep to send you comments and suggestions to the County Training and Events Co-ordinator, or you can do it yourself. Her contact details are in the County Directory or you can use the 'Contact us' tab above. You can also add your comments to your evaluation form at the end of a training session at a County Training Day. All constructive comments and suggestions are always very welcome.

I am an experienced guider and I am considering becoming a Mentor, how can I find out more?

Contact your Division Leadership Qualification Co-ordinator. She could arrange for someone to come to your Division to talk to a group about mentoring.