SHARE: New Region Challenge!

A new region challenge is inviting you to SHARE all the wonderful things you do in Girlguiding! Shout out about the amazing things you do with your units, share lots of Happy news stories, Advertise your unit, Reach out to your community and Encourage new members to join us.

The challenge pack contains lots of ideas and suggestions to help you with this, as well as templates and background images you can use for social media. Don't forget to SHARE with us what you are doing - we are excited to see what you get up to! Badges are available on our shop. 

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Recycling Devon!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new badge which has been created in collaboration with Recycle Devon.

Many of the activities can be done at home, with parental supervision, so why not get your local group involved and get them thinking about how they can reduce waste, recycle and reuse more, or have a go at yourself and see how environmentally-friendly you can be!

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Information about badges you can earn and challenges you can attain......

When a girl does any activity, badge or award from our programme, she will be developing her skills in one of the themes.  The themes remain the same through every section of guiding, so a girl starts a theme in Rainbows and then builds on it through the following sections.

Our themes are:

Know Myself  - Girls will have experiences in exploring their emotions and learn about themselves

Express Myself - Girls will develop their creativitiy, making up stories and creating inventions to solve problems

Be Well - Girls will learn how to live healthily and learn how to help others when they hurt, eg First Aid

Have Adventures - Girls will have opportunities to try new activities and learn survival skills, getting outside and having adventures

Take Action - Girls will build skills to make a positive difference, whether in their community, the wider world and with the people they know

Skills For My Future - Girls will investigate what they might like to do the future and how they can grow their life skills

Each theme is broken down into two parts called Skill Builders which each contain 5 Activities, which once complete they gain the skills builder badge


Interest Badges

All sections have interest badges and girls can do these badges at home, away from the meeting place. These too are linked to the themes, denoted by their colour. what the girls have to do to gain these badges can be found in their badge books

Theme Badges

Once the girls have gained a skill builder badge, at any stage, plus an interest badge in the same theme and completed a number of Unit Meeting Activities then they are awarded a Theme Badge.


Top Awards

Bronze Award

The girls need to gain two of the theme awards

Silver Award

The girls need to gain four of the them awards

Gold Awards

The girls need to gain all six Theme Awards and complete the Gold Challenge to achieve this award, see the relevant badge books for more details


Other Badges and Awards

Queen's Guide

The Queen's Guide is the highest award you can work towards in guiding. It gives you opportunities to develop your skills, whilst contributing to guiding and your local community.  It is open to members aged 16 to 25 and must be completed within 3 years from the start date or before your 26th birthday, whichever is sooner.

It is a great achievement and is thought highly of by further education institutions and employers.  For more details click here

Commonwealth Award

The Commonwealth Award is open to Guides, Rangers and Young Leaders, to learn more abouth the history of our organisation and to explore other countries and their cultures. Click here to find out more and download the Commonwealth Award Resource