Devon County Brownie Adviser

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Offer advice and support on matters relating to the Brownie Programme
  • Keep up to date with new Guiding initiatives, developments and programme changes within the Brownie section
  • Feedback information to Guiders, Unit Helpers and Young Leaders working with Brownies. This can be implemented through County Training events, at Division, District or Unit Level or one to one via telephone or email.
  • Submit articles to Devon Star (the County's monthly newsletter)
  • In consultation, co-ordinate and/or partake in any large scale Brownie event within the County or Region
  • Have an awareness of Brownie activities held within the County
  • Attend meetings at Region and County level
  • Where possible, accept invitations to special events from Units, Districts or Divisions
  • Have fun!!!

About Brownies

2002 saw the introduction of the present Brownie programme. (The first major change in over 30 years). Initially the new programme received mixed reactions, and whilst most Brownie Guiders embraced the new look, others seemed to miss the structure of the old scheme. The 2007 update addressed the problem; badges acknowledging participation and some new and revised interest badges were introduced. A few amendments were made to the Adventure books and now units throughout Devon are using the materials and resources effectively.

Brownies are now encouraged to make their own decisions and are using planners, mind maps, voting and having lots of input into organising their own meetings. Imaginative Promise Celebrations are taking place, with the choice of venue and order of the celebration being the Brownies choice.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to keep individual records to track the Brownies' progress in order to award the Adventure Badges?

No. The syllabus encourages a varied programme and can be referred to when evaluating the unit activities. The clauses for both the Adventure and the Adventure On badges have been designed to be completed over a period of about 12-18 months allowing plenty of time and scope for other things as well

Is it OK to use our unit toadstool for Promise celebration? Our Brownies are very attached to it.

There is no reference to a toadstool in any of the resources supporting the new Brownie programme. However making their own choices is at the heart of the Brownie programme and if they choose to keep the toadstool then that is fine.

How can I help the Brownies make decisions?

Giving the Brownies carte blanch in decision making may prove daunting for the girls, not to mention the Guiders. Supposing the girls were given 50p to spend in a sweet shop, it may be quite some time before a decision is reached. But by limiting the choices to two or three items, the task becomes easier. The same applies in the unit. By involving the girls in the decision making process and giving them a choice of two or three activities on which to vote, a consensus will soon be reached.