Leadership Qualification Team  

  • Holds stock of Adult Leaders Qualification Packs, Modules Books, Certificates, etc.
  • Be available to the four quarter County Leadership Qualification Verifiers, who verify completed Leadership qualification packs to check a uniform standard of mentoring is achieved throught the County
  • Be available to Division Mentor Co-ordinators with advise and support
  • Be available to any Leader with queries regarding new leaders and/or the Leadership Qualification
  • Support and update new Mentors and existing mentors   

Adult Leadership

If you are considering becoming a volunteer Leader or Assistant Leader in Girlguiding Devon you will need to contact your commissioner. They will fill in a Leadership Qualification Profile which can be found at the bottom of this page and forward to someone in their Division who will allocate you a mentor.

If you have completed your Leadership Modules 1-3 and wish to complete module 4 then find the attached form below and give to your local commissioner


Frequently asked questions

I have been DBS for work do I have to be checked again?

Yes, you have to be checked by Girlguiding because at present DBS's are not transferable.

I have attended First Aid Training but my Mentor is insisting I have to do another training, is this really necessary?

If you hold an up-to-date First Aid Qualification where the syllabus is in line with the Girlguiding First Response course, then that will count towards your leadership qualification. You will need to do a Section Training.

Can I do a qualification in more than one Secton, i.e. Guides and Brownies?

Yes, but it is advisable to complete the qualification in one Section and then Module 1 in the other Section.

I'm not sure I am ready to be the Unit Leader, can I be an Assistant?

Yes, just do Modules 1,2, and 3. This will qualify you as an Assistant Guider. Before you complete all three modules you may feel happy to continue and complete module 4, or, you can complete module 4 at some date in the future. Speak to your Mentor about your feelings and keep her updated if they change.



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