As the Outdoor Activities Adviser I co-ordinate the County Team of Advisers which covers residential events, health and first aid, walking and water activities.

The Outdoor Team:

Residential Outdoor Adviser

Residential Outdoor Adviser (Brownies)

Residential Indoor Adviser for Central and East Divisions (Axminster, Exmouth, Honiton, Teignbridge, and Torbay)

Residential Indoor Adviser for North Divisions (North Devon, Taw & Torridge, Okehampton, and Tiverton)

Residential Indoor Adviser for South Divisions (Erme Valley, Plym, Plympton, Plymouth East, Plymouth West, Tavy, and Totnes)

Archery Adviser

Walking Adviser

Water Activities Adviser

International Residential Adviser

Adviser for Queen's Guide Award Outdoor Activities



To find out who the County Team are refer to the County Directory or Go to the members page/outdoor activities

My job involves being a liaison between Region and County, and I sit on and attend Region Outdoor Team meetings twice a year. I also help with queries from other members of the team, othe County and Region Personnel, sign forms, help with assessment visits and verifications.

The Outdoor Team has been responsible for organising sessions at County Training Days, usually in the Spring and Autumn, covering the Camp & Holiday Scheme for Guiders working towards gaining residential qualifications.

You can contact me using

For information

The Camp & Holiday Scheme has been revamped and now called 'The Going Away With' Scheme.  The new book will be required by anyone wishing to take a residential qualification. For more information about this scheme log into the members area/outdoor activities.


Many queries come in about forms so ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you filled in the correct form and supplied the required number of forms?
  2. Have they been signed by the required people?
  3. Have you put in the right number of SAEs
  4. Have you put the correct postage on? Remember that with several forms in an envelope the postage is higher.
  5. Are you sending it off in time, allowing it to get to all of the people in time for you to receive your confirmation?