What is Peer Education?

Peer Educators are 14-to-25 year olds who help Brownies, Guides and Rangers explore important topics. Peer Educators run fun, safe and challenging sessions consisting of activities which have been developed with expert partners.

How does it work?

Choose your topic

Find out below what topic you’re interested in.

Peer Education sessions usually take place over one unit meeting but if this is a problem we can discuss what would best suit the unit.  

Contact us

Fill out the booking form and we’ll start discussing your peer education session.

We’ll ask you some questions about your unit so we can cater the session and activities to your needs and you can get the most out of the evening. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Please note we may ask you to provide some resources for the session or reimburse petrol cost as we are self-funded.

The session/s

We deliver the session, with our pre-discussed plan filled with fun and challenging activities.

After the session

You can now purchase your badge from your local guide shop. Some topics have activities you and your unit can do after the session to enhance the skills you’ve learned! These can be found on the Girlguiding Website.

Spread the word!

Help Peer Educators book more sessions by spreading the word across the County. Talk to other leaders, book more sessions for your unit, share your photos and comments on social media.

Peer Educators are also working towards their own awards, so every session counts! They can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards!


Below are the topics we offer. All topics are worth:

Brownies: 60 UMA

Guides and Rangers 90 UMA


Think Resilient

UMA: Be Well

Think Resilient is designed to build mental wellbeing and grow resilience.

Resilience helps girls cope when they're faced with the stresses of everyday life - whether that is in their schools, families or friendship groups - so that they can have fun, seize new opportunities and have a good mental wellbeing.

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Safe the World

UMA: Take Action

Safe the world is about the situations young people face every day. It tackles the topic of safety by looking at how:

  • Everyone experiences safety differently
  • To spot and deal with unsafe behaviours
  • To empower everyone to become “Upstanders” and campaign for a safer world for all.

This Resource can be used to cover more specific areas of safety that may be of interest to your unit:

Brownies - Bullying

Guides -Unhealthy Relationships

Rangers - Violent Situations

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Breaking Free

UMA:Take Action

Gender stereotyping happens every day. Its in the way clothes are designed, the toys we give children and the jobs we are encouraged to do. We know that these gender stereotypes make it harder for young people to achieve their dreams. 

Girls tell us that theyre surrounded by stereotypes. And that seeing simplified versions of what it means to be a girl, makes it harder for them to be themselves. They want things to change.

Breaking Free is all about helping young people make that change, by giving them the tools to identify and challenge gender stereotypes.

Please note there are no Peer Educators in the Devon County trained in this topic at this current time.


Please download and fill out our Peer Education Form, kindly made by Rachel Lewis and send it to


We look forward to hearing from you!

Want to become a Peer Educator?

Do you or do you know someone who would want to be a Peer Educator?
It can be used for your Queen’s Guide!
A great way to stay in Guiding when at University! 
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