Devon County Guide Adviser

Role and responsibilitiies

  • Offer advice and support on matters relating to the Guide Programme
  • Keep up to date with new guiding developments and programme changes withing the Guide Programme
  • Feedback information back to units via the County Executive
  • Attend meetings at Region and County Level
  • Where possible accept invitations to special events from Units, Districts or Divisions

About Guides

In Guiding, girls work with a group of friends, small enough to feel they belong and big enough to be a team that can make things happen! It's a friendly, safe, girl only environment in which to try out new ideas and experience new challenges. It's all about being a girl in today's world

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Frequently Asked questions

One of my guides is doing her Baden Powell Challenge - does she have to do the Baden Powell Adventure?

Yes, it is part of the Baden Powell Challenge and needs to be undertaken before the guide can be given the award.

Is there a Lones Group in Devon?

Lones are organised on a regional level and I am happy to provide details of the Region Lones Adviser. To contact me use the contact tab at the top of this page