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Goodrington Guides and Rangers ran a brownie camp day to enable brownies to gain their Skills Builder Stage 3 Camp Badge.

32 Brownies and their leaders attended this event, despite a lot of rain on the day!

The girls learnt new skilss such as: building and lighting a fie, making camp gadgets and even inventing their own!  They played games to develop team skills as well as learning about camp duties.  they were able to talk to the guides about camping and had a look inside tents.  They learnt some knots and how to do a bedding roll too!


International Camps in Switzerland                                             

Plympton Division camped at Kandersteg, visited The Chalet and did many other adventurous activities while they were there. Their highlight was to meet hundreds of scouts and guides at Campfire.







Visits to Disneyland Paris








Brownie Holidays

Many Brownie Units have Holidays both inside and outside of Devon.  They usually consist of days away spent in Church halls, Community Halls, County properties or even Activity Centres.  They are packed with activities and the brownies having lots of fun.


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