Young Leaders

Role of Young Leader Adviser

If you are a Young Leader Guider, a Guider with a Young Leader helping as part of your team, a District Commissioner, a Young Leader's Supporter or a Young Leader yourself I am here to support you in your role.

General Information

A Young Leader aged 14-16 may complete the Young Leader Qualification.

They need to complete a Young Leader registration form

They need to choose a supporter

Once they have finished the Qualification they need to see their District Commissioner

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Frequently asked questions


Can a Young Leader be a Ranger too?

Yes they can, but if no local unit is available they can still complee any other Senior Section Award. Look at the Senior Section CD-Rom for more opportunities

Can Young Leaders attend trainings?

Yes they can, there are trainings at County Training Days especially for 14-16 Young Leaders, but those who are aged 16 and over may attend any training

What uniform do Young Leaders wear once they reach 18?

At 18 they become Young Guiders and can choose whether to wear Adult Leaders uniform or continue to wear Senior Section Uniform